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Check our photos in gallery by scroll, you can see also beaches of Marmari.

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Steni Beach 100 meters away
Slide 1
Sunset at Steni beach
Slide 2
Petalioi islands
Slide 3
View from balcony
Slide 4
Platanistos karystos
Slide 5
Great Sand beach
Slide 6
Sunset 50 m in front of us
Slide 7
Gikas Apartments building
Slide 8
Church of Saint Georgios
Slide 9
Kallianoi beach
Slide 10
Great Sand beach
Slide 11
Dragon house at top of mountain Ochi
Slide 12
Kastanologgos ancient forest on mountain
Slide 13
Dimossari Gorge
Slide 14
Dimossari Gorge
Slide 15
Sunset at centre of Marmari
Slide 16
Marmari pedestrian street of shops
Slide 17
Boats at gulf of Marmari
Slide 18
Zastani beach
Slide 19
Oven Robot Teppanyaki

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